Video Slot Guide

Slot games are a dime a dozen these days, ranging from simplistic and reductive to overblown and complex, featuring themes from a variety of mythologies, worlds, and categories of interest. Wherever your fancies lie, it’s not that difficult to find a suitable slot game for you, but if you’re new to video slots, you might need a slot guide to help you make your pick!

Theme, Atmosphere and Symbols

This slot guide will start from the least important but still interesting aspect of a slot game: its theme. Some of the more classical games have reductive backgrounds and simple symbols like the fruits, bells, bars and high cards. Others can feature complex animations, rich playing fields and innovative symbols, often set in worlds of epic fantasy or movie universes!

Slot Game Playing Field

The majority of slot games have a playing field comprised of reels, which are vertical cylinders like the ones in mechanical slot games, and horizontal rows, creating a play area of N x M boxes, usually 3 x 5. Every spin makes the reels do several revolutions and finally settle to display a certain combination of symbols on your screen. If matching symbols land on a payline, you win!

A payline, otherwise known as betway or betline, is an imaginary line connecting certain boxes of the play area. Slot games usually have multiple paylines, and some games allow you to choose which and how many of them will be active with each bet. Every game is different and the more you play you’ll certainly encounter some innovative ways the screen is set up, with wacky paylines and mechanics, but these are the basics.

Variance and Return to Player

The final parameters you should keep in mind are the slot’s volatility and the return to player (RTP). The volatility is usually described as being low, medium or high and it represents the amount of variance you can expect with the slot. High volatility means you will have to wager high which can get you incredibly big wins, or no wins at all, at times. RTP represents the percentage of all bets given back to players as winnings. Good RTP’s are upwards of 95%.

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